DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – A Dallas jury heard heartbreaking and terrifying testimony from a mother recounting the moments before the death of her two sons.

Kametra Sampson took the stand to testify against her children’s father, Naim Rasool Muhammad, who is on trial for drowning his three- and five-year old sons.

Sampson explained how she was walking with three-year-old Elijah and five-year-old Naim to school for what would have been Naim’s first day of kindergarten when Muhammad drove up and forced all of them into a car.  She testified that the Muhammad drove them around aimlessly for nearly two hours — when he became violent.

“He raised his hand and hit me in my nose. I started bleeding from my mouth,” she told the courtroom.

Sampson said when she spotted a Dallas County constable next to them at a red light, she began to plot her escape and flag the constable down for help.

“I decided to try and go ahead and get out,” Sampson testified.  She says she jumped out of the car and pleaded to the constable for help.  “I told her I needed some help. He says he was going to kill my kids.”

Sampson asked the constable to follow Muhammad, but says the constable told her she couldn’t. Constables in Dallas County’s Precinct 1 have a no chase policy.

Sampson told the jury about the moment she learned her sons were dead.

“When I walked in everybody was just crying. I said ‘What’s going on? Somebody please tell me something,” she said. “One of the detectives told me they were dead, I didn’t believe her. I didn’t believe her.”

Defendant Muhammad showed some emotion during Sampson’s gripping testimony. He wiped his eyes and held his face in his hands.

If convicted, Muhammad could face the death penalty.

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