DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – It was an emotional scene:  Dallas firefighters saluting their fallen brother as they carried the body of 51 year old year old Stanley Wilson out of the rubble.

As the six alarm fire raged at the Hearthwood North Condominiums early this morning, Wilson sent out a signal he was trapped.

The 28-year department veteran didn’t survive.

Dallas Fire Rescue Chief Louie Bright says,  “Long-time member of the department, hard-worker, certainly a hero with us, for all of his efforts today.”All Posts

Mayor Mike Rawlings spoke for the entire city.

“Our heart is broken for the family, for the city, for the department.”

Wilson worked as a second driver and engineer on the B-shift at station 53 in East Dallas.

He graduated from Dallas’ Lake Highlands High School in 1980.

Wilson leaves behind a wife and two teenage sons.

Mayor Rawlings says “Fireman Wilson’s professionalism was exemplary.  His sacrifice was complete.  He was a hero, as I told his boys, they should be very proud.”

Matt Bosch is among those who knew Stan Wilson when he was off-duty.  “I was just beside myself.”

They’re both active in the Boy Scouts —  their sons are in troop 890 together.  “We’re really going to miss Stan.  He’s been a rock. He’s been one of the school leaders in our Boy Scout troop. Not only did the boys look up to him as a guide and leader, but to some of the dads.”

At Monday night’s Boy Scout Troop 890 meeting, the first after Wilson’s death, the group held a moment of silence and prayer.

“He always taught them integrity.  He never wavered on that,” said scout leader David Ochoa.  “He talked about what it meant to be a firefighter. Why he did what he did.  He was all about service. He was a service oriented individual.”

At Fire Station 53, where Wilson worked, people came with flowers and gifts.

“You know it’s somebody’s Dad,” said Elizabeth Caris, whose father is also a firefighter.  “So it melts my heart.”

Friends have started a Facebook page called “Remembering Stanley Wilson” which has photos and a place for people to express their thoughts and remembrances of him.

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