FORT WORTH STUDIO (CBS 11) – Our own sports anchor Babe Laufenberg sat down with play-by-play announcer for Dallas Mavericks television broadcasts, Mark Followill to talk about “Spinal Tap,” why Tony Romo needs a hug, ostrich races and why he may have the coolest boss on the planet.

Here they are listed especially for you. Enjoy!

5th Reason: You won’t ever feel under dressed.

4th Reason: It’s an honor to know the only man who never made a mistake.

3rd Reason: Unlike Followill’s other buddies, Cuban never asks if he can borrow $20 until pay day.

2nd Reason: When you have children, you’re comforted in the knowledge that they will be better behaved than the owner at the Mavericks games.

1st Reason: And the number one reason why Mark Followill says it’s great to have Cuban as his boss — traveling with Mark saves me money by not having to fire up my own private jet.

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