FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – A man in shorts and loafers pulled off what police called a takeover-style armed robbery in a restaurant full of customers in north Fort Worth.

Clear, security camera video of the crime shows the man pointing the gun right at the head of a customer, before leaving with an entire cash drawer from the register.

No one was hurt in the robbery at the Tang Pacific Bistro on North Beach Street.

The man walked in casually just after 9 p.m. Wednesday and walked right behind the bar. He pulled a handgun partially out of his pocket and showed an employee. That woman said Thursday the man just kept asking for money. The scene was so out of place, that the employee said a woman seated at the bar, asked the suspect if he was kidding. He responded by pulling the gun out, and pointing it right at her head, causing her to duck and throw her hands over her head.

David Hensler was eating inside with his family and noticed the man walk in.

“I told my wife, check out this dude wearing his sunglasses,” he said. “Then we started singing that song I wear my sunglasses at night, then after that, it didn’t take very long.”

Hensler said dividing walls inside the restaurant though kept him and others from seeing that the man had a gun. It wasn’t until the man ran out, carrying a cash drawer, that they realized what had happened.

“After he ran out the door and we saw everybody say call 9-1-1 and they jumped on the phone, that’s when we knew it was serious.”

Police said witnesses described the man as white, in his mid 30’s, about 5’10” tall and 180 pounds. He had short blonde and gray hair.

He got into a newer model Chevy Silverado with a 6” lift, after-market exhaust and a “Z71” decal in red or white lettering on the side.

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