DENTON (CBSDFW.COM) – One North Texas police department has taken to posting is their “wanted posters” on a social media website and the move has been successful.

Denton police spokesman Officer Ryan Grelle says the department has been posting photos of wanted people on Facebook, and then engaging in direct messaging with anyone spotting the individuals or providing information. “We are able to carry on a strict dialogue, ongoing dialogue to make sure that these [wanted] people are arrested,” he said.

The first step for police is always to obtain an arrest warrant, but if the person can’t be located then Grelle says, “I have a program that I can get anyone’s driver’s license photo and post it on Facebook.”

Along with the picture, Facebook followers are asked if they’ve seen the suspect. “They can either give tips by calling me an giving me tips, or by going through Facebook by a private message and leaving tips on that way,” Grelle said.

Just this week, Denton officers actually went to someone’s place of employment, after getting a tip about a wanted woman. Grelle said the tipster told them, “She was working at her job.” He said he asked the tipster, “Where is she? Is she there right now?” and they responded, “yes.” Working on that information Grelle said, “We were able to go and view her and make an arrest at that point and time.”

Police stress that the tipsters remain completely anonymous. Grelle said, “The only person that knows who this person is, obviously through Facebook, is me. I refuse to give any more information as far as who the tipster is.”

The program has been in effect since February of last year. Officials say in that year and a half some 25 suspects have been arrested thanks to the interactive “wanted posters.”

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