By CBS 11 Meteorologists Jeff Jamison and Christopher BryantBy Jeff Jamison

US Jetstream Pattern

For the upcoming week, expect hot days and warm nights.  Temperatures will steadily increase as the week progresses leading to our first 100 degree day of the year.  The cause of this pattern is a high pressure system that is currently moving eastward into Texas.  This system will play a big factor in our weather over the next week.

100 degree facts

With most of the area reaching triple digits by the end of the week, we will hit the 100 degree mark before the average expected date, but we do not expect North Texas to begin a consecutive streak of triple digits in the immediate future.

We will most likely reach 100 degrees on several occasions for the remainder of June and you can see that the average number of 100 degree days begins to rise as the summer moves along.


Tonight’s lows will be mild across the area with temperatures ranging from the upper 60s to the mid 70s.NTX Overnight Lows

High temperatures for tomorrow are forecasted to increase by a couple of degrees with humidity levels set to go up as well, so it will feel hotter than what the actual temperature is. Get ready for the heat index values to come roaring back.

NTX Tomorrows Highs


For the remainder of the week temperatures continue to climb toward the 100 degree mark and we will hit it on Friday.  Temperatures will be slightly “less hot” heading towards the early part of next week. Make sure you stay hydrated and keep the sunscreen handy as sunshine will be abundant and temperatures, hot and humid.