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The Other Team’s Playbook: 6.11.13

RJ Choppy R.J. Choppy
R.J. Choppy, like Don Zimmer, has never earned a paycheck outside of...
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cheer thumb The Other Teams Playbook: 6.11.13NFL Cheerleaders

cows The Other Teams Playbook: 6.11.13Cowboys Cheerleaders

mavs dancers 4 10 10002570231 The Other Teams Playbook: 6.11.13

Mavs Dancers

victoria thumb The Other Teams Playbook: 6.11.13

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

dfw The Other Teams Playbook: 6.11.13Best Young Athlete In DFW?

other Teams playbook

It’s no surprise that women check out women’s bodies, but that’s because … well, we’re men! However, your woman may be checking out your bod to know what you’re thinking. Let’s open the pages to The Other Team’s Playbook!

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