Today:  sunny and hot.  Highs:  93-97.  Winds:  S 10-20.  Heat Index:  97-100.

NTX Todays Highs

Thursday:  sunny and hot.  Highs:  97.  Winds:  S 5-15.  Heat Index:  98-101.

NTX Tomorrows Highs

The Muggy Story

Yesterday you could feel the increased humidity and it made a difference in the high temperature department.  Humidity absorbs the Sun’s energy and keeps it from getting as hot as dry air.  The highs were kept to 91-95 degrees versus 95-100 degree highs from Monday.  And the Heat Index was near 98 degrees with the peak heat.

Metro High Temps

That humidity is still in place today and it reaches all the way into West Texas as you can see from the graphic below.

60+ Degree Dewpoints

The high humidity is going to be the dominant trend through the rest of the week even with the core of the ridge pressing directly overhead.  Typically a ridge of high pressure will dry out the air as it mixes dry air down to the surface.  The graphic below has a lot on it, but illustrates how the energy over South Texas is dirty-ing up the high pressure ridge with humidity.  Where the air is drier in the Panhandle and northward, highs are hitting 100 degrees plus.

Weather Pattern

As the core of the high drifts overhead Thursday and Friday, we stand our best chance to hit 100 degrees if the high can dry out the air enough.  But, I’m not too confident it can.  That would mean temperatures peaking in the middle 90s.  And with the energy from South Texas disrupting the ridge, storms will be possible for western parts of North Texas Saturday.

US Jetstream Pattern1 US Jetstream Pattern2

Here’s how the highs should pan out over the next three days:

texas travelForecast Highstexas travel3