By CBS11 Meteorologists Jeff Jamison and Megan McClellanBy Jeff Jamison

Although we have had a few rounds of much needed rain, that is all about to come to an end as the first official day of summer begins tomorrow.


The Summer Solstice will occur tonight at 12:04 AM (Friday Morning). The Summer Solstice is when the Northern Hemisphere is tilted toward the Sun.


This occurs on the day that has the longest period of daylight. Tomorrow’s amount of daylight will be 14 Hours and 18 Minutes. If you have a lot work that needs to be done in the daylight, tomorrow is your day!



As Summer officially arrives tomorrow, an Upper Level High Pressure System, currently over head, will settle in. As this High settles, temperatures will increase and dewpoints will drop slightly.

With temperatures increasing, the soil moisture will also decrease. Currently our soil has a good amount of moisture due to the rain that has been in the area the past couple of weeks. The moisture will begin to leave the ground as it evaporates due to the temperatures.

This will stay in our area for several days and bring us potential triple digit temperatures towards the middle of next week.

KTVT Standard

With these changes, our chance of rain also decreases. As of today, DFW Airport has received 2.14″ of rain for this month. For the month of June, we have had 15.3″ but that is 3.5″ below what is normal for this time of year. Now 3.5″ does not sound like much of a difference, but in the past 12 months, we are almost 12″ below normal.


Now the 12″ deficit is visible in our area lake levels. In the immediate Metroplex, Lake Lavon has the largest difference at 7.25′ below its conservation level, while Joe Pool Lake is only 0.54′ below its conservation level. Those lakes are 67.1% and 97.7% full, respectively.

Lake Levels

At a wider look across North Texas, Lake Texoma is actually 0.37′ ABOVE being 100% full. Lake Bridgeport is 18.08′ below normal putting the lake at 50.4% full. That 12″ deficit is visible all around the area.

Lake Levels1

With the lake levels being so low, that also means that the soil moisture is below normal. Most of the Metroplex is in either Moderate or Severe drought levels, tan and orange respectively. Out to the West, there is a large amount of Extreme and Exceptional drought areas. Now, Exceptional is not a good thing. To have Exceptional Drought, there is “widespread crop and pasture losses; shortages of water in reservoirs, streams, and wells creating water emergencies” (per US Drought Monitor). Currently 85% of the state of Texas is in drought; this has increased from 68% in the past year. This time last year, only 0.2% of the state was in the Exceptional range; last week 15% was in that range, but currently 12% of the state falls in the Exceptional Drought conditions. The rain we have received the past week has helped with the drought, but the numbers will go back up as summer goes on unless we get a tropical system.



For your First Official Day of Summer, it will be a warm one. Temperatures in the upper 90’s with winds out of the South at 10-20 mph.

Saturday and Sunday will both be warm in the upper 90’s again but those winds will continue to be out of the South.

As we move into next week, we will continue to warm up pushing 100°, but towards the middle of next week, we are expecting temperatures to be at 100° for at least a couple of days.


With temperatures increasing, make sure you are prepared for summer.  Stay hydrated and if you must be outside, have sunscreen on, wear a hat, and try to not be outside in the middle of the day.