KELLER (CBSDFW.COM) – After two cases of Parvo were confirmed in dogs recently admitted to the Regional Animal Adoption Center in Keller, the center has stopped all dog showings and adoptions. Parvo is a highly contagious disease and can spread from dog to dog by direct or indirect contact, including being carried on dog’s hair and feet, as well as on animal crates and human footwear. The most common symptoms of Parvo include vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss and lack of appetite.

One of the dogs recovering from Parvo is Scooby.

(credit: Fiona Green)

Animal Advocates of North Texas rescued Scooby from the adoption center in Keller. He was suffering from Parvo. (credit: Fiona Green)

He’s a small mix breed with big kangaroo like ears. Scooby is currently in a foster home in Keller and doing much better.

“He would just lay around,” says Carol Sheahan who is caring for him. “He had diarrhea. He wouldn’t eat.”

Animal Advocates of North Texas rescued Scooby from the adoption center in Keller. The group says he’s only a few months old and very lucky.

“If dogs have been vaccinated when they are old enough to be vaccinated they are going to be able to resist the Parvo virus,” says Fiona Green with Animal Advocates of North Texas.

Green says Scooby will be ready for adoption in about six weeks.

The stoppage went into effect on June 20 and will last until at last June 28. Officials with the Keller Police Department said workers will use the time to sanitize the center and carefully watch and test any dogs that might have been exposed. In a statement on the City of Keller website Lieutenant Mike Wilson said, “We need to focus on the health of our animals and make sure we also keep visitors’ household pets safe.”

In addition to putting showings and adoptions on hold, the center has also closed the facility to dog transfers from other community shelters.

The Regional Animal Adoption Center serves the cities of Keller, Southlake, Colleyville, Westlake and Roanoke. The center is now suggesting that dog owners in that region take additional steps to protect their animals from Parvo, including –

  • Making sure your dog or puppy is up to date on all vaccinations
  • Keep your pet away from the feces of other dogs
  • Remove animal feces from your yard frequently
  • Keep food bowls and animal bedding clean

Click here for the website for animal advocates of North Texas.

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