GRANBURY (CBSDFW.COM) — The father of a sexual assault victim says the Johnson County District Attorney’s office should face blame for the shooting death of a Hood County sheriff’s deputy.

Tom Horn says he would have been armed and ready for Ricky McCommas if his family had been notified the sex assault suspect had missed a court date.

He believes he could have stopped the shooting spree if he had received a phone call to let him know that the man accused of raping his teenage daughter had failed to show up in court on Friday.

“Because if I had known that, I honestly believe that sheriff’s deputy would still be alive because I would have defended my family right then,” says Horn.

Horn says the Johnson County District Attorney’s Office should have notified him that an arrest warrant was filed for his former brother-in-law.

He says he would have shot McCommas before the 49-year-old killed a Deputy Lance McLean and later wounded Granbury Police Officer Chad Davis, who was released from the hospital on Monday.

“I want everyone to know I tried to stop the man,” says Horn.

Horn is also outraged that authorities found 28 guns, rifles, 20,000 rounds of ammunition and even a homemade silencer in McCommas’s Joshua home nearly a year after his arrest for sexual assault.

“When he got charged with all the DA told me they took his license permit to carry — they confiscated his guns,” says Horn.

Horn is publicly coming forward to also dispel false rumors in his community that he shot the deputy during the shootout with McCommas outside his Thorp Springs home.

He says those rumors have hurt his business. Horn also says his two daughters are still too frightened to leave their house after facing bullets and watching a man die.

“How do you expect anyone to act seeing someone shot in the head 20 feet from them?,” says Horn. “It’s something they will never get over.”

The Johnson County District Attorney’s Office did not give a response.

Horn and his daughters plan to attend Deputy McLean’s funeral on Tuesday.

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