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Humidity crept back into North Texas over the holiday weekend and we will deal with it for the rest of the week.  And weekend.  And next week.  Okay, you get the idea.  Hazy, hot, humid will be our weather story with only small storm chances the next 7 days.  When we measure humidity in the atmosphere, meteorologists use the dew point temperature as a more steady indicator versus “relative humidity”.  This morning’s dew points were in the low 70s and this afternoon they will be in the low 60s as humidity mixes out with the heat.  And this is our normal routine:  higher humidity in the morning, lower in the afternoon, back up overnight.


Skycast 3PartsNTX Rain ChancesNTX Todays HighsUpper Level System

Today we are watching an upper level system tracking westward through South Texas and Hill Country.  It will push showers and storms northward on its eastern side.  While the coverage looks good down south, we are expecting only spotty coverage here in North Texas.  Because this system is tropical in nature, locally heavy rainfall with some lightning will be likely.  Tomorrow the system should be well enough to our southwest to take out rain chances.

Tomorrow & This Week:

NTX Tomorrows Highs Hot 100s This Week

The pattern stays hot with highs near 100 degrees through Saturday.  Though this may look like a straight forward forecast, we are watching two chances for storms that may pan out.

Thursday’s Rain Chance:  Wednesday night a cold front will push into Oklahoma and stall there by Thursday morning.  Upper level energy that drives the front into the Sooner State will continue to press into North Texas and could carry storms with it for either Thursday morning or it could ignite storm with Thursday afternoon’s heat.

Sunday’s Rain Chance:  Believe it or not, the second opportunity for storms comes late in the weekend from an upper level system from the northeast and Great Lakes!  It will be energy that breaks off from the main core up in the Great Lakes.  The energy may behave just like the upper level low currently tracking westward in South Texas today.  Right now, we’ll call for a 20 percent chance Sunday and watch for adjusting the time and chances as we get closer to the weekend.