Here’s the pattern bringing our chance for spot storms today.  The upper level flow is sending small waves of energy through our skies enough to touch off isolated storms through the day.  Some of the storms will likely produce gusty winds with strong outflows.  This in turn will help to cool off local areas and keep parts of North Texas away from 100 degree highs.

Front w Steering Winds Doppler Radar

Here’s how the chances pan out below.  These are not very good chances because of the very spotty nature of the expected storm coverage.  If you are one of the lucky ones to get rain, the amounts will be a tenth to a quarter of an inch.

NTX Rain Chances NTX Rain Chances

This is mainly a dry day with mixed clouds and sun.  The air is humid, so our Heat Index will run about a degree or two above the actual air temperature.  Note on our FutureSky Forecast graphic below, our model is picking up on the effects of cloud cover and spotty storms by depicting rain-cooled temperatures in Gainesville and Paris.

NTX FutureCast

After today, even these small storm chances drop off the radar through the weekend.  Friday’s heat of the day chances are for eastern parts of North Texas.  Next week, we are still watching for storm chances Monday through Wednesday.  Right now, it’s still looking like those chances may be missing us to the north with a system that will drive into Kansas and Oklahoma versus this far south.