By Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry

We have seen our fair share of heat this July, but we also have seen some really incredibly cool days for July.  I wanted to see where we stand compared to normal 18 days thru the month.

Here is a look at the high and low temperatures for the month at DFW along with rainfall. (Click on image to make it bigger)


July 15th was really remarkable.  I wrote about how unusual that day was in my blog post listed here.

Just How Unusual is this July Chill

So when you look at the average temperature so far it stands at 83.3 degrees.  That is below average so far this month by over a degree and a half.

Here are the numbers.

tease12 How Cool Has This July Been For North Texas?

The last time we saw a cooler than average July was July of 2007.  We ended that month with temperatures 1.3 degrees below normal.