By Jeff Ray

We’ve had a nice run of free water (for July at least) over the last six days. The only rain we’ve had in July has fallen since Monday. It’s been muggy as we’ve bounced back to typical temperatures since the coldest July day in almost 70 years:


There is a weak upper level low over the Louisiana moving to the east and away from us.

300mb Energy GFS Ridge2

A slow moving low in the dead of summer over the deep south translates to a big rains for them. A ridge of high pressure building in from the southwest will dry us out (and warm us up):

300mb Energy GFS Ridge3

This low will still influence our weather over the next couple of days; another round of storms will develop in the afternoon heating tomorrow. Coverage will again favor the eastern half of our area.

Rain Chances Graph 2

There is a chance as the high pressure starts to build in from the west that he could guide a cluster of panhandle storms inot north Texas last Monday night (and Tuesday) but the chances look rather small right now.

As soon as we dry out we’ll heat up. Triple-digit highs return to north Texas by Wednesday. A frontal boundary from the central plains might get close enough to us on late Friday or Saturday to produce a line of storms: