By Jeff Ray

Rain coverage today was much less than Saturday. None the less a few strong storms built up in the afternoon heating. The activity missed the metro area but a thunderstorm warning was issued for Lamar county around 4pm before it quickly collapsed.

I expect the storms to again diminish as the sun gets below horizon. The balance of the night it’ll be warm and humid, lows will staying the upper 70’s around the urban heat island.

There’s been lots of storms across the Hill Country this late day; we’ll see some of the clouds from these overnight. A few of the storms might reach into Hill or Bosque county before the evening is done.

Tomorrow highs will be just a little warmer. The storm chances stay under 10% so too small to put in the official forecast.

NTX FutureCast 12kmB

A weak frontal boundary moves in from the north on Tuesday, It might be just enough to trigger some afternoon storms:

NTX FutureCast 12kmC

Coverage should be modest, only in the 20% chance range north of the metro area

NTX Rain Chances1111

High pressure builds in and cuts the storm chances down to almost nothing. The only hope would be complex of storms forming in the daytime heating over western Kansas and Oklahoma and diving toward us overnight.

300mb Energy GFS Ridge2

The ridge retreats just in time for the weekend. Right now we’ll be modest in the temperature drop and rain chances. It should be mentioned one of the forecast models (the European) produces a washout on Saturday with highs in the 80’s. A little to early to jump on this despite the wet trend of late.

300mb Energy GFS Ridge3

Between now and then a few 100° days (or close) in store for us: