FRISCO (CBSDFW.COM) – Firefighters in Frisco extinguished a small fire at a home early Thursday morning. Crews were called just after 3:30 a.m. to the 600 block of Burr Oak Drive. The flames were knocked down about 10 minutes later. Nobody was injured during the incident. Damage to the home was minimal.

While this might seem like a relatively minor event, Frisco investigators are very interested in the small blaze. It marks the fifth suspicious fire this neighborhood has seen since May 20.

Two of the previous fires involved homes which were under construction. Another of those fires was at a furnished home which was in the process of being sold. The fourth suspicious fire involved a vehicle. Thursday morning’s fire was near the outside back of an occupied home, and residents were inside at the time.

Multiple agencies, including the Frisco Fire Department and the Frisco Police Department, are trying to determine if these five fires are all related and who may be responsible. Anyone with information about the fires is urged to contact Frisco authorities.

Meanwhile, residents in the neighborhood are convinced that someone is up to no good. “There is definitely someone causing some mischief,” said Alyssa Majors, “because they all have been so close. We all have kids and we definitely don’t want someone coming to our house. Scary.”

“There is an extreme concern,” said Ron Lunsford. His wife’s car is the vehicle which was set on fire during this string of incidents. “Extreme fear.”

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