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SAGINAW (CBSDFW.COM) – Around Alanna Gallagher’s Saginaw neighborhood it’s a quiet Thursday. No police presence and no investigators going in and out of Tyler Holder’s home.

Holder, 17, is accused of sexually assaulting and suffocating 6 year old Alanna and shooting Arlington Police Detective Charles Ladatto. He lived two doors down from the Gallagher’s.

After spending two days collecting evidence at Holder’s house investigators released the home to Holder’s mother.

Sources say they may have discovered evidence suggesting an accomplice and those sources say that person may have helped Holder move Alanna’s body about a mile from her neighborhood. Saginaw police have refused to elaborate.

Spokesperson Officer Damon Ing said on Wednesday that they won’t stop until all of those responsible are taken into custody.

Alanna wanted to play in the middle of the afternoon on July first. She had gone to a neighbors home. The neighbor didn’t want to be identified, but spoke with CBS 11’s Arezow Doost at length.

He says his family had to leave and Alanna stood by his flower bed and said, “I’ll be here.  I’ll be here waiting for you.”

But that family never saw Alanna again and the neighbor said, “I think this is very overwhelming.  The feeling is horror and disappointed.  Just feeling like you’ve been violated.  Our neighborhood has been violated.  It will never be the same.”

“I know there are things I’m not going to see,” says Alanna’s mother Laura Gallagher. She along with Alanna’s two other parents spoke publicly Wednesday night.

“There are things the guys are seeing that they don’t want me to read and felt bad that they are suffering through knowing this and I don’t,” says Laura Gallagher.

Holder was shot during the struggle with officers trying to arrest him on Tuesday. He remains at JPS in Fort Worth under guard. His condition has been upgraded from critical to serious.

Detective Ladatto has been moved out of ICU from Harris in Fort Worth and is recovering.

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