by CBS11 Meteorologist Jeff JamisonBy Jeff Jamison

Despite the dark clouds and scattered showers on Wednesday, the sun came out and heated things up quickly during the afternoon.  We have a deck of higher level clouds this morning, but the sunshine should have no problem penetrating those clouds to heat things up into the upper 90s this afternoon.  Chance of rain today is very small, with the lack of any upper level disturbance nearby.



There will be a slightly better chance for pop-up showers/storms in our southern and southwestern counties, closer to the outflow boundary that rolled through the area Wednesday.  Any shower that forms could briefly produce gusty winds, lightning, and/or heavy downpours but won’t bring a ton of rainfall.  Again, most of us will be rain-free today.

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The wind will be light today, leading to an OZONE ACTION DAY.  The air will be unhealthy for those of you with respiratory issues, like asthma.  Ozone is great in the upper atmosphere, helping to limit the amount of UV rays reaching us here on the ground.  But when ozone forms here at the surface, it becomes a pollutant…so just limit the amount of outdoor time, especially during the afternoon.

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For tomorrow, an upper level disturbance rolling northwest to southeast in Colorado will approach our area and increase our chance of rian for Friday.  Disturbance create lift in the atmosphere for rain to form.

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The disturbance will actually drag a summer cold front through North Texas Friday night.  Ahead of that front, there will be a better chance of rain and thunderstorms during the day Friday.  Some storms that form in the afternoon could be a bit on the strong side, but widespread severe weather is not anticipated.

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In the meantime, the tropical Atlantic has become active with Tropical Storm Dorian.  Dorian is still way out in the eastern Atlantic but is trucking west over the next several days.  Weather conditions are favorable for this storm to maintain its strength, although it will have to overcome a lot of dry air on its way to the Caribbean.

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After our cold front pulls through Friday night, we will have a slightly “less hot” Saturday.  But any type of cool down will be very short-lived.  We’re back into the upper 90s and lower 100s next week.  It is July after all.