It is no secret that the population in Dallas is growing rapidly. With many more people coming into the city, the demand for service-oriented employment has increased significantly. Dallas is filled with luxury hotels, restaurants and fast food establishments swarming with visitors and new residents. With well-known restaurants like The Ranch at Los Colinas and Cindi’s New York Deli and Bakery, Dallas can’t afford to skimp on its service. The service industry is important for a city to maintain a solid reputation for being the place to go for a unique and pleasurable dining experience.

According to a news release put out by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the hospitality industry added a considerable number of jobs to the DFW area. The report says, “The local leisure and hospitality supersector added 12,800 jobs since April 2012, with food services and drinking places accounting for over 70 percent of the increase.” This represents a 4.3 percent increase in leisure and hospitality jobs year-over-year in the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington metropolitan area.

The food service industry is filled with many different levels of employment. There are jobs at the top of the spectrum, including but not limited to managers, chefs and assistant managers to cooks and waitstaff. All of these positions are equally important. You might need an upper-level degree in hotel restaurant management, though a high school diploma will suffice at entry level, which often means room for advancement further down the line. If you simply type in the words “food service” and “Dallas, Texas” at, one of the largest search engines for employment on the internet, you will see more than 3,500 jobs available.

According to a report put out by called “Dallas: Economy,” the leisure and hospitality industry has aided considerably in the health and well-being of the Dallas economy. This report also indicates that one of the reasons people are moving to the Dallas area is due to the growth of the hospitality industry and the opportunities that are now available.

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