SEAGOVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) — A man was struck and killed by a vehicle early Monday morning after attempting to walk home while under the influence of alcohol in Seagoville.

According to the man’s ex-wife, Betty Williams, 61-year-old Robert Locklin came to her home drunk. After several hours, Locklin wanted to drive home, but his son removed the battery from his truck to prevent him from driving.

Williams said Locklin was insistent on going home, so he started walking. Locklin’s son then placed the battery back in the vehicle and went looking for his father.

“About 10 minutes go by, and [his son] calls and says he found him and he was dead,” said Williams.

Andrew Sparrow with Seagoville police says Locklin had been hit and killed by a car in the 2500 block of the westbound service road of Hwy 175.

“It was fairly evident by the positioning of the unresponsive male laying on the side of the service road and some vehicle debris that he had been struck by a vehicle that was not at the location,” said Sparrow.

29-year-old Michael Shane Thomas later turned himself in and is being charged with accident causing personal injury/death.

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