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The stats don’t lie, but sometimes they don’t exactly tell the whole truth.

Last week, when Donovan McNabb officially retired as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, I started to wonder who had the best won-loss record against the Dallas Cowboys.

So after a few hours of research on pro-football reference.com, the recently retired number 5 turned out to be number one on this list.  But you could make the argument that McNabb’s dominate record is a combination of a lot of different things. Some bad QB years and overall teams for Dallas didn’t help, a Jim Johnson lead Eagles defense had the Cowboys number over and over again, and lets not forget Pickle Juice.

Eli Manning will eventually take the top spot as the best Cowboys killer of all time, Dallas fans are just hoping that it doesn’t happen this season.And looking down the list, who would have thought that Kerry Collins and Randall Cunningham were that far above the .500 mark against the boys.

The best NFL Quarterbacks vs. The Dallas Cowboys:

  1. Donovan McNabb – 12-8
  2. Eli Manning – 10 – 7
  3. Sonny Jerguson (Giants and Eagles) – 10-12
  4. Phil Simms 10-13
  5. Randall Cunningham – 9-4
  6. Kerry Collins – 8-3
  7. Jim Hart (Cardinals) 7-17
  8. Mark Rypien 6-5
  9. Joe Theisman 6-14
  10. Norm Snead (Eagles) 6-14
  11. Joe Montana 4-0
  12. Neil Lomax (Cardinals) 4-9
  13. Ron Jaworski – 4-13
  14. Fran Tarkenton 4-10
  15. Billy Killmer (Redskins) 4-11
  16. Brett Favre 3-6
  17. Terry Bradshaw – 3-1
  18. Steve Young 3-2
  19. Peyton Manning – 2-2

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