By Ken Foote, Director of Programming for CBS 11

I am always sad to hear of anyone’s passing but when I hear of someone’s passing at a young age in the prime of their life, it bothers me even more.

We lost Lisa Robin Kelly last night at the age of 43. She was best known for her portrayal as Laurie Forman on the hit TV show, “That 70’s Show.”

She appeared in 50 of the 204 half hour episodes that aired on FOX from August 1998 through May 2006. It was this role as the sister of Eric Foreman (Topher Grace) that gave her career prominence. She appeared in the first two seasons of the show, left the show in Seasons 3 and 4, but returned for Season 5. She also guest starred in other TV shows such as Married With Children, Silk Stalkings, Murphy Brown, and The X-Files.

After she left That 70’s Show, she found herself more the object of bad press, being arrested on four separate occasions from driving under the influence of alcohol to domestic assault. She had checked into a rehab center to deal these additions earlier this week but didn’t make it. She was married to Robert Joseph Gilliam and they had their home in Mooresville NC, a suburb of Charlotte.

TXA21 has been airing reruns of That 70’s Show since September 2002 and will conclude its 11 year run on the station next month. Beginning the week of August 26 through September 12, you can catch some of the episodes that Lisa appeared in on the Monday-Friday 11:30pm airing of the show.

Life is precious. God bless you Lisa. See you next time.

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