By Jeff Ray


The best thing I can say about the weather today is that the humidity will continue to be low. Highs will reach into the mid-to-upper 90’s this afternoon, a shade warmer than yesterday and motivation to find some later this day. Again not much in wind and plenty of sunshine equates to pollution problems: it’s another Ozone Action Day.

A nice view of the full moon tonight. The third full moon of the summer season, the traditional definition of “blue moon”. These days we use that phrase to describe a second full moon to rise in the same month. The moon doesn’t show up as a shade of blue by the way, it’s just a saying.

SkyCast Today Tonight

High pressure to our west has provided an easterly wind lately, this keeps the high humidity diverted down into south Texas. This dome of high pressure will shift to the east. The first effect will be a jump into the upper 90’s for highs by tomorrow:

FutureCast EURO1

As it continues to slide to the east it opens the door to Gulf mischief. We should have a tropical disturbance arriving in on the southern flow by weekend. This is the traditional pathway to later-summer rain for us.

FutureCast euro

This is the peak of the hurricane season for the Atlantic. The set-up is ideal for any tropical storm that develops to get steered into the Gulf; a trough over the eastern half of the U.S. and the Bermuda High squatting off shore from Augusta, Georgia:

KTVT Street Level1

However, there is nothing to head this way at this time. The Atlantic basin is barren of tropical storms:

KTVT Street Level

There is too much heat and dust off the African shoreline to give birth to significant tropical waves. We’ll keep a watch, the overall weather pattern in the states doesn’t appear to change much over the next couple of weeks. This makes us vigilant monitoring any tropical activity.

The extended below tells the story: hot and dry weather to end the work week with. As the Gulf opens up the humidity will slip back up to the “uncomfortable” range: