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Dropversation: RJ Choppy Pranked

RJ Choppy R.J. Choppy
R.J. Choppy, like Don Zimmer, has never earned a paycheck outside of...
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cheer thumb Dropversation: RJ Choppy PrankedNFL Cheerleaders

cows Dropversation: RJ Choppy PrankedCowboys Cheerleaders

mavs dancers 4 10 10002570231 Dropversation: RJ Choppy Pranked

Mavs Dancers

victoria thumb Dropversation: RJ Choppy Pranked

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

dfw Dropversation: RJ Choppy PrankedBest Young Athlete In DFW?

Brendan works his magic again as he plays nothing but drops in a phone call to New School’s RJ Choppy, who thinks it’s Ben on the other line having a casual conversation.

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