KELLER (CBSDFW.COM) – Students in the Keller Independent School District got to soak in one more day of summer vacation on Monday, as most other North Texas kids returned to classes. But the big day for Keller students has now arrived, and they must navigate some changes to district’s dress code.

According to officials with the Keller ISD, tattoos and piercings — except for ear piercings — can no longer be visible. Hats cannot be worn, or even carried, on district campuses. Short shorts from summer break will have to stay at home, because the length must now be mid-thigh. Tight yoga pants and leggings may be comfortable and popular, but will have to be covered with a longer top. Exposed undergarments are not permitted and tank tops are forbidden.

“So many of the clothes were really inappropriate,” said student Colin Duggan. “Shorts way too short, form-fitting clothing — it was like you were naked but your legs were a different color.”

But other students are not happy about compromising their favorite styles to avoid trouble. “I’m one of those people where, I think I dress pretty modestly, but I’m long,” said student Maddie Thompson. “The half-length thing doesn’t really work for me, when they say fingertips and mid-thigh. It’s a lot longer for us tall kids.”

“It’s fine with me,” said parent Jim Brown. “When I was in high school, your hair couldn’t touch your collar, your shirt had to be tucked in. So, no big deal.”

Principal Jeff Bradley at Keller High School said that he does not expect anybody to be sent home on Tuesday, but those found breaking the new dress code rules could be disciplined later in the school year.

“Even though, probably the bulk of the people were fine,” said teacher Katie Kays, “we have to try to go stricter dress code so that, if people are pushing the edge, they’re still modest and not distracting from the learning environment.”

Keller ISD students will also notice changes in cafeterias and at sporting events. The lunch menus now feature healthier and smaller portion sizes, and the district is rolling out tighter security at ball games and school events.

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