By Chief Meteorologist Larry Mowry

Today is definitely hotter than yesterday, but it only gets worse for the rest of the week.

Temperatures today have climbed into the upper 90s in most areas.

Tomorrow will be in the 100s!

This big area of High Pressure (shown below) in the upper levels of the atmosphere will move over North Texas tomorrow.  That will raise temperatures to the 101 to 106 range!

TX SatRad Master11a

We have already seen 21 days this year with temps in the 100s.  That is behind pace compared to the past two years.  Here’s a look at the number of 100 degree days thru Aug. 28 of the past three years.


This is the forecast for Tonight and Tomorrow.


I want to show you the movement of this upper level high over the next 6 days.  Below you will find an animation of the high moving over North Texas and then shifting to the west.  Once the high shifts west, temperatures will ease a little here but not much.

USFuturecast3 Stretch of 100s Setting Up for DFW