FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Normally firefighters go to where  help is needed.  Last week, the person needing help came to the firefighters stationed on the 6100 block of S. Hulen in Fort Worth.

“This is where she rang the doorbell and where we met her at,” said firefighter Brian Wyrick as he exited the front door of the fire station where a sign hung indicating the fire station was ready, under a law called The Baby Moses Law, to accept babies from mothers who can’t care for them and get the babies into the adoption process with no questions asked of the mother.

“The lady was standing there with a newborn,” Wyrick said.  “She looked pretty distraught.  I asked her what we could do for her.  She said, I’ need you to take care of my baby.  I need you to care of her.  I need you to take it.’ She was real emotional.  Once she started talking you knew something was wrong. She said I can’t take care of her. You knew right then what was going on.”

The mother said her parents didn’t know she was pregnant.  She’d given birth alone.

“She had a bread tie on her umbilical chord to tie it off,” Wyrick said of the baby girl.

The firefighters keep supplies for just such an unlikely visit.

“Me and another firefighter took the baby back to the back of the station, unwrapped her from the towel, cleaned her up.  Her mom said she’d had her two to three hours before she showed up. So she was still dirty. We cleaned her up. We put a diaper on her and a onesie. We wrapped her in a blanket and she feel right to sleep.”

The mom had made the toughest of decisions — parting with her baby for the child’s well-being. The baby girl was kept at a hospital overnight to ensure she was healthy and has been placed with a family who may adopt her.

The firefighters say seeing the distraught mother was sad.

“And now, on the other hand, you got a family out there dying for a baby and they can’t wait to raise her and treat her like their own and hopefully have a great life,” Wyrick said.

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