Plane circling AT&T Stadium prior to Thursday's game.

Plane circling AT&T Stadium prior to Thursday’s game.

ARLINGTON (105.3 THE FAN) — Houston-based Sports Radio 610 is passionate about Dallas — or at least their complete and utter dislike for the city.

On Thursday, the ‘Home of the Texans’ came out with their list of ‘99 Ways Houston Is Better Than Dallas‘. The station took it a step further by hiring a plane to fly over AT&T Stadium, displaying a banner that read “#HOUSTONISBETTER @SPORTSRADIO610” prior to Thursday’s game.

105.3 The Fan’s New School responded on Thursday, calling the city to the south out for their factual inaccuracies and gross exaggerations.

Now, the Fan Fans are speaking out about the city of Houston. Here’s a healthy sample of what the Dallas-proud are saying.

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