MELISSA (CBS 11 NEWS) – With the assistance of the Texas Rangers, Melissa Police are continuing their investigation into the murder of a mother, found by her son Monday in their quiet neighborhood home.

A person of interest in the case was arrested Tuesday in Frisco, on an unrelated traffic charge.

Frisco Police say he posted bond and was released later the same day.

A neighbor who lives on the man’s street in Frisco says detectives were at the man’s home again last night.

This person of interest in the case was arrested for aggravated sexual assault against Nicole Leger back in March.

The Denton County District Attorney says the man tied up Leger and raped her in the garage of his home in Frisco.

He was accused of violating his restraining order in April after contacting Leger, but the Collin County District Attorney refused the charge.  Court documents give no explanation why it was refused.

As of Wednesday evening, Melissa Police have not commented on the investigation, or whether they are close to making an arrest in relation to Leger’s death.

Her family stopped by her home today, and collected some belongings.

The family’s church pastor says their main concern is for Leger’s son, who is a high school junior.

He is now staying with another family.

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