DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Flanked by the detectives who worked the case, Dallas Police Chief David Brown spoke about the arrest of Van Dralan Dixson accused of being the city’s most notorious serial rapist in recent history.

“I’m proud to serve with these officers.” said Brown. “We had a greater chance of not capturing him than of capturing him.”

The chief read a detailed timeline that described the difficulty officers had getting victims to cooperate since the sexual assaults began in June.

Some Fair Park area residents complained that they weren’t notified before any of the nine attacks.

The chief explained the decision not to publicize the crimes while working for months to tie them together.

“If you alert him too early, he’s gone and you start over in another neighborhood,” said Brown.

The chief also revealed for the first time that Dixson initially fled to Mexico to try and throw authorities off his trail before hiding out in a Louisiana motel where he was captured just as DNA evidence began coming in linking him to four of the crimes.

“He’s a serial rapist, you don’t see many real serial rapists,” said Brown.

Police had Dixson last week and collected DNA but did not keep him under surveillance.

“We had him we didn’t have a reason to hold him but we certainly had a reason to survey him,” said Brown.

Finally, Chief Brown defended his decision to send out a twitter message publicizing the name of a person of interest who doesn’t appear to be involved.

Alan Mason remains in jail on an unrelated probation violation.

Because he was never called a suspect, the chief does not believe he is owed an apology.

“For the people who did perceive him as a suspect or refer to him as a suspect shame on them,” said Brown.

“Who owes him an apology are people who believe he’s a suspect.”

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