DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – After weeks of investigations, and a year of battles with teachers and school board members, it appears the Dallas Independent School District is ready to move forward with Mike Miles still in the Superintendent’s seat.

The school board is expected to make a decision about Miles’ future with the district on Thursday, and according to school district sources, Miles will keep his job, but face admonishment from school board members.

Five votes are needed to fire Miles, but sources say only three board members want to get rid of him.

“We believe in second chance for everybody,” said Hector Flores, executive director for the Association of Hispanic School Administrators of Dallas, which represents Latino DISD principals. Flores has been publicly critical of Miles’ leadership, but is not calling for his removal.

“I don’t know if the level of the transgressions rise to the seriousness of dismissal. If he’s willing to correct his behavior, and the board accepts that, who are we to say we don’t accept that?” questions Flores.

Trustees have seen Miles cited for improper activity, but also cleared of bullying and obstructing an investigation. On Thursday, board members will meet with Miles in a session closed to the public. Sources tell CBS 11 trustees will take no vote after that session to dismiss Miles, and the Superintendent will make statements about the investigation that cited him for district policy and contract violations.

The president of Alliance AFT, the city’s largest teacher association, says keeping Miles will mean losing others.

“If he is allowed to continue in this district, people will not wait until end of the year to leave Dallas ISD,” said Rena Honea.

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