(credit: Brian Ach/Getty Images for IMG)

(credit: Brian Ach/Getty Images for IMG)

DALLAS (KRLD) — Looking for a fresh look? How about a new face.

A new company, Uniface, is offering clients the opportunity to have the “giant anime eyes, long lashes, a high nose bridge, and narrow chin and cheeks” they have always wanted.

Plastic surgery is not required. Simply spray on some blending glue, put on the “human skin like” mask, and your “beautiful life will start from here.”

The mask contains semi-transparent “dolly-blink” eyes, which move and blink as your eyes do. You can talk, make facial expressions, and sleep in the mask without feeling a difference, according to the product website.

The mask costs $399 and is available online.

To learn more about the mask and see the results, visit the Uniface website.

Do you think the product is real or a hoax? Vote below.

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