By Jeff Ray

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The last time the DFW Airport had a morning low in the 50’s it was before Memorial Day. If you are out early in the morning you’ll need a light jacket. Highs will warm quickly in the mid-80’s,  dew points will be in the 40’s. Sunny skies are expected most of the day. Lovely Fall weather, at least by afternoon when it actually BECOMES Fall at 3:44pm. The sun will be over the equator; here on out the nights are longer than the days (actually for DFW that will start to happen next week)

Equinox Fall

It’s had been a hot September until the big rain, just a few days ago it was in the upper 90’s. All that changed with a timely cold front and a big rain:


As you read on the is post, the rain that fell on Thursday and Friday was the second biggest rain event of the year.  Just compare it with the MONTHLY rain totals of the summer. More rain fell at DFW on Thursday night and Friday than fell during all of August:


The heaviest rain fell south and southeast of the metro area. Coriscana reported an incredible 6.13″ of rain on Friday. To give you an idea of that kind of rain consider it’s weight alone. A 12″ by 12″ square of 1″ of water weighs about five pounds. How about 6″ of rain? An acres’ worth would weigh about 680 tons giving you an idea of the erosive ability of water when it falls uphill from your location.

KTVT Street Level KTVT Street Level2

And to really get your mind spinning over the power of mother nature the source of the rain that fell over Coriscana yesterday was mostly attributed from Tropical Storm Manual in the Pacific. Six-hundred-and-eighty tons of water (in vapor form)  traveled in the air a couple of thousands of miles, over the Sierra Madre and condensed into rain over central Navarro county. Of course that’s just one acre…

A weather repeat for Sunday. Saturday was super nice, Sunday is super nice. Yes a cool start but an afternoon high in the mid-80’s:

NTX Tomorrows Highs

Another tropical system is going to languish in the Gulf over the next couple of days; as much as 8″ of rain could fall in isolated areas along the eastern Texas coastline over to Louisiana. High pressure will be pulling off to the east and the system will move with it. The rain might get into east Texas but most of it will land into southern Louisiana:

US FutureCastb

We are going to get back to dry weather. It’ll be in the low 90’s, about normal for early Fall but at least not as hot as last week. It looks like our next rain chance arrives next weekend as yet another big cold front arrives from the northwest. Rain and cooler weather on Saturday, perhaps MUCH cooler on Sunday and wet:

Heat Wave Central Plains