DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Today CBS 11 News learned more about the secrets serial rape suspect Van Dixson spilled during a police interrogation.

The 38-year-old is accused of raping nine women in south Dallas. Thanks to a confession, authorities have now charged him in five of those cases.

In one case, police say Dixson even went back to try and apologize to a victim.

Details released today centered on the 5th charge that Dixson faces. In that case it wasn’t DNA that connected Van Dralan Dixson to the sexual assault, but an interview in which he said he ‘felt bad for what he did.’

Newly released documents reveal the rape suspect felt remorse for two of the nine victims he allegedly assaulted over the course of two months.

While police say DNA connected Dixson to at least four of the crimes, court documents also show that an apology connected Dixson to his 5th victim.

During questioning after his arrest at a motel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, detectives asked Dixson about an employee at a Williams Chicken location. The worker had told authorities Dixson came into the restaurant to “apologize for raping” an employee.

According to the documents, Dixson became agitated and when pressed looked away, dropped his head, and said, “There are two that affect me.”

Detectives asked if he was referring to the “chicken lady” and another victim, whose two children were with her when she was attacked. Investigators asked if he was sorry that he stole from them or for having sex with them. Dixson replied that he was, “Sorry for everything” and that “those were the only two.”

During the interrogation Dixson claimed that the other sexual assaults were all prostitution deals that had gone bad and that had nothing to apologize for concerning them.

During an initial search of Dixson’s home investigators said they were unable to find a weapon, but CBS 11 learned through court documents that the suspect’s ex-wife provided police with receipts and instruction manuals from two weapons he’d purchased since 2010. Those weapons included a Smith & Wesson .40 Caliber handgun and a Jimenez Arms .380 ACP caliber pistol.

The Smith & Wesson gun matches the description given by the victims. The weapon also matches a description given by Dixson’s employer when they police that he’d been at work with a gun.

Dixson remains in the Dallas County Jail. He is being held on $5 million bond.

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