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ARLINGTON, TX - APRIL 07:  (L-R) Jon Daniels, general manager and Nolan Ryan, CEO and president of the Texas Rangers at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington on April 7, 2012 in Arlington, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

ARLINGTON (1053 THE FAN) — The hostile takeover by Jon Daniels is happening at a ballpark near you.

This offseason, he assumed control of all baseball operations. This year, he forced his manager to play his guys by using a Billy-Bean-Moneyball-the-movie play and trading away all the pieces he liked to use, and give him only the options he wants.

Today, he made the first step in getting rid of Nolan and Wash’s boy Jackie Moore, the man most responsible for getting this team to back to back WS from an in game perspective.

Now, JD wouldn’t know this, because JD isn’t a baseball guy from a playing perspective, but Jackie Moore, and many bench coaches for that matter, are the brains behind the operation.

The Rangers don’t make the World Series without Jackie Moore. Ask Joe Torre how crucial Don Zimmer was. They matter. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have them

Here’s the issue with these moves. If you’re going to make these moves just to piss Wash and Nolan off to force them to leave on their own so you don’t look like the bad guy, just take the band aide off right now.

Don’t force Wash into having a bench coach who has as little baseball knowledge as the GM. Allow Wash the right to hire his own bench coach, who he trusts. The bench coach is so important to the in game strategy of a playoff team, and the manager has to be able to trust that guy.

You’d notice that the bench coaches on most teams don’t get fired, it’s the hitting or pitching coach.

So why here? Because it’s the mainstay. It’s the guy Wash trusts and likes and wants.

This was a power play move. An ego move. A move to show Wash who’s boss.

And it stinks. It’s a hostile takeover, and even the biggest Daniels homers out there (Ben Rogers) can’t support this move.

If you’re upset with the strategy of the team, fire the manager.

If you want the manager to quit so you don’t look like the bad guy, fire the manager. Take a page out of USC’s handbook and don’t put off til tomorrow what you think must be done today.

If you’re making these moves to prove a point, to show who’s boss, shame on you, JD. You have the power, everybody knows that you have the power. You’re like the He-Man of Arlington.

We get it. Stop trying to flex your feeble muscles around town. Its unbecoming, and unnecessary.

As unnecessary as firing Jackie Moore.

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