The Degenerate Picks: Week 6

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The Degenerate likes Dallas-Denver to score OVER 56. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

The Degenerate likes Dallas-Denver to score OVER 56. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Degenerate Picks for the Week. 6-2-1 last week. 12-4-1 last 2 weeks. ROLLIN!!


@Utah St -6 Over BYU. Utah St gave USC a run at USC, and while BYU is a decent team, Utah St has turned into a really good program

@Vandy PK Over Mizzou. I like both teams, but I’m a big James Franklin believer, and road wins are damn near impossible in the SEC.

Texas Tech -17 Over @Kansas. Serious? How is this only 17?

Penn St -3 Over @Indiana. Penn St has played well on the road so far this year. Scholarship reductions are tough to deal with, but Indiana isn’t…


KC -3 Over @Tennessee. With Jake Locker I’d take the Titan,s without him, Chiefs go to 5-0

NE +1 Over @Cincy. Tell me how an undefeated NE team is a Dog to a Cincy Team that doesn’t know up from down?

@SF -6 Over Houston. I think last weeks loss to Seattle may send the Texans into a tailspin. Think Cowboys 2010…

Denver/Dallas OVER 56. Broncos are averaging over 40ppg. Cowboys can muster at least 16…

Denver -7.5 OVER @Dallas. Peyton knows more about the Tampa 2 than anyone. He’s playing on a different level than anyone else in the NFL. Cowboys are simply overmatched. They can win, but the chances are slim

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