ALEDO (CBSDFW.COM) – In this week’s real science we found several 5th graders in Aledo taking the lead. They’re striving to be the scientists of tomorrow.

Aledo science teacher Rebekah Buchanan said her students are, “responsible, curious, inquisitive.  They’re just great kids.”

Buchanan, a science specialist at Stuard Elementary, proudly talked about members of the school’s L.E.A.D. Team – Leaders Each Assisting Differently.

There are many different jobs in the school’s science lab. Lab technicians set up experiments for fellow students. The green team perfects the lab terrarium. And the recycling team… “We go around the whole school to get all the recycling,” the team explained.

Buchanan said, “The critter keepers come in every morning and take care of the living organisms that we have, and one of the living organisms we have is our guinea pig ‘Cinnamon.’”

The critter team also takes care of the less cuddly, clawed frog. But there was one team close to the heart of CBS 11 Storm Team Meteorologist Jeff Jamison.

Buchanan introduced the youngsters saying, “These are our meteorologists.”

The Stuard Elementary weather team is looking over data, making a forecast and presenting it to the school. “It’s in Fall and it’s getting closer and closer to Winter,” one student said.

“Are you going to take my job one day?” Jeff asked laughing. “I think you’re ready to go right now.”

Ms. Buchanan says the way these kids are learning is the only way to go. “Science has a purpose. Everything has a purpose, but it needs to be fun and I want the kids to come in and have a hands-on experience.”

Her students take their roles seriously. “I’m a leader to all students and everyone looks up to me because I’m supposed to be a role model,” explained 5th grader Clayton Thomas.

Amelia Ingram is setting some lofty goals for herself. “I wanted to really be a science person one day,” she said.

As for Ms. Buchanan, she’s hoping to hear stories from her students once they enter adulthood. “I hope they come back and tell me that they have a love for learning, a love for whatever it is they do and they have a passion for what they do.”

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