By Andrea Lucia

JOSHUA (CBS 11 NEWS) – An audit of time cards shows, in a period of six months, the two officers claimed to work almost 90 more hours than they actually did.

As an example, the auditor’s report zeroed in on a time card showing Officer Nick Garrett worked 12 hours on Memorial Day and even took extra holiday pay.

The report claims electronic records contradict that claim, indicating Garrett didn’t work that day at all.

A text message shows the captain calling in a replacement.

“Garrett is not going to be here Monday.  Can you adjust your hours…?”  wrote Captain Vincent, who later signed off on Garrett’s timesheet.

GPS records also show Officer Garrett often spent parts of his shift sitting at home, up to 3 hours in one case.

The auditor also noted he spent up to 6 hours of his shifts in the police department, instead of on patrol, contributing to an “unusual amount of inactivity.”

The city terminated Officer Garrett in September.

According to the city manager, Paulette Hartman, another officer and the captain then resigned “in lieu of an official investigation into their conduct.”

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Their resignations were followed by that of the police chief.

A fifth officer resigned, during the same period, for unrelated reasons.

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office has now been contracted to help keep the city safe, during its critical shortage of officers.  Chief Deputy Mike Powell is currently serving as interim police chief.  A sergeant with the department is serving as interim captain.