DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Offices closed by the partial government shutdown will begin re-opening on Thursday morning across the nation, including here in North Texas. But it will likely take a while for government employees to catch up on the backlog of work.

Essential services — like air traffic controllers, the National Weather Service, Veterans Affairs offices and WIC programs — all stayed open for business. But federal businesses which had been considered non-essential had been closed. That included parks and campgrounds run by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers.

Federal employees have been told to report for duty on the next regular day after a resolution was approved. Those who use the previously closed services have been anxious for their return, and workers have been eager to get back on the job.

The Environmental Protection Agency offices in downtown Dallas will have some catching up to do when they go back to work on Thursday morning. Lee McMillan is excited to be going back. “It’s a good feeling. It’s a relief,” McMillan said. “But as I’m sitting here and turned on the news and I start hearing more of the particulars of the deal that’s being proposed, to hear that it’s a 90-day solution, it’s like it’s good for the moment, but we’ll be back at it again.”

“Reminds me of the auto industry,” McMillan added. “They would bring you in for 90 days and, just before you got the benefits, they would lay you off.”

The George W. Bush Presidential Library in Dallas has remained opened throughout the shutdown for researchers who had appointments. The facility’s restaurant and gift shop had been open as well. However, the museum has been closed for the past 16 days. Visitors trying to make a stop at the museum will surely be happy that the attraction is opening its doors once again.

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