By Cory Mageors | 105.3 The Fan
Nolan Ryan (credit: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Nolan Ryan (credit: Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

ARLINGTON (105.3 THE FAN) — Last Friday I got a call informing me that something big was about to happen with the Rangers.

If you follow me on Twitter @inthemageors you know I was still interested in what was going on in the Rangers front office.

But as we all know, you have to have two sources.

Couldn’t get anybody in the Rangers front office to bite on the line I dropped.

The Rangers got tight lipped.

Shortly that afternoon I was told Nolan was leaving.

But here’s the deal, he left on his own terms.

The front office loved having Nolan around. He is and was the face of baseball in Texas. He helped bring old fans back to the game, and even provided that relationship to cross between fathers who watched him and youngsters who were seeing Championship-caliber baseball for the first time.

He was like Taylor Swift bridging the game between 40-year-old moms and 13-year-old girls.

Nolan is a great businessman and the use of his name alone gave the Rangers credibility. Just look at Roger Staubach’s business success — a good brand name helps.

Now, the Rangers have some credibility to rely on, but will do this without Nolan.

The front office told Nolan he had a job as long as he wanted to be here; he could always collect his check. But clearly Nolan wants to be able to do more.

He wanted to buy the Rangers in the first place, but had to get investors to help. Those investors, THEY run this team now. They are the money, the owners and sign the checks.

There is still no doubt in my mind Ray Davis and Bob Simpson are the most powerful men at The Ballpark, but for now Jon Daniels will get the reigns Nolan-free. If I were JD, I would make each move count. He’s always been known as the wonder-boy for making good “baseball” moves. If he loses credibility for that, the Rangers brass will want to see a change soon.

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