By Jeff Ray

Its October and the time of year when cold fronts frequent north Texas. We had one come through this afternoon and drop some warm lunchtime temperatures down to some very fall-like weather by evening. The front kicked up some rain and storms east and southeast of the metro area; these storms will peak across the early evening and then move east of our area.

The official high today was 74° at DFW, that happened right around the lunch hour. The cold front sweep in between 2p-3p across the metro area dropping the temperatures down to the 60’s rather quickly. The winds will continue to pick as we fall into darkness; gusts will get to around 30mph:

FutureCast RPM Wind

These winds will continue to drop the temperatures. Temperatures tomorrow morning will be 10° cooler than this morning:


Those winds stay steady overnight out of the north 10-15mph as the skies clear out. Lows will get down to the low 40’s; about as cold as its been so far this season:

NTX Overnight Lows

The winds will diminish around sunrise and turn to the west tomorrow. Combined with lots of sunshine and low humidity highs will jump over 30° into the mid-70’s, a great fall day tomorrow:

NTX FutureCast

It looks like dry weather for the rest of the work week. Highs will stay mild as a couple of weak cold fronts come through to limit any warm-up. The next rain chance shows up on Saturday and early Sunday; right now chances stay rather low:

Extended PM

There is a category three hurricane just off shore Mexico in the Pacific. The good news is that Hurricane Raymond will stay off shore and drift west as it weakens:

Tropical Tracker Scene Master Tropical Tracker Scene Master1