By Cory Mageors
DETROIT, MI - OCTOBER 27: Tony Romo #9 of the Dallas Cowboys looks on while playing the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on October 27, 2013 in Detroit, Michigan. Detroit won the game 31-30. (credit: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Tony Romo looks on while playing the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Detroit won the game 31-30. (credit: Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) – The Cowboys are a complete oxymoron.

To define oxymoron: A rhetorical figure in which incongruous or contradictory terms are combined, as in a deafening silence and a mournful optimist.

And that is the Dallas Cowboys.

I’ve said this before, they are a beautiful letdown. Who else flames out so huge and in so many ways? The Cowboys sure do know how to do it don’t they?

Sunday against the Lions in Detroit with just over a minute to play, they fell completely apart in spectacular fashion.

Who forces four turnovers and loses the game?

Who has a 99.3% chance of winning with 2 minutes left in the game and gives up the .7% loss?!!!!

Who gives up 329 yards to Megatron but only lets him in the end-zone once?

It’s the most fascinating loss I’ve seen since the last loss against the Broncos.

Today, the defense Tony Romo’d the game. They were the reason you were in it because without them and the four turnovers they forced you aren’t even close in that game.

You get smoked. You get torched. You get crushed.

The defense was also the reason you lost. Because they gave up the final drive that did the team in, with no way to stop it and only a city (if not a country) full of onlookers covering their eyes.

So with that, the defense Tony Romo’d it. You don’t get where you are without him, but you somehow wind up crashing and burning with him.

I know you can blame Tyron Smith for the holding, and the offense for not producing enough points off the turnovers and you can even say the defensive line is out-performing their contracts, which they are.

But at the end of the day, this entire team from top to bottom is an “acute dullness”, “systematic chaos” and “positively negative.”

And if they can’t start winning games like this one and the one against the Chiefs and the Broncos they’ll be “going nowhere” and will be “old news.”

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