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I CAN’T STAND it when people refuse to admit they’re wrong.

It’s my biggest problem with co-host RJ Choppy. He believes apologizing is a sign of weakness. I believe that stance is ignorant. It used to drive me crazy, but now I know there’s no changing his ways.

Another thing Choppy believes is we have the world’s best job in the worst field, and he’s 100% right.

In the media we love to spin, stretch, manipulate and turn a blind eye towards obvious facts when they don’t support our opinion or argument.

As a sports talk show host, I’m guilty of some of these violations, but i’m trying to improve. I missed on Dez Bryant’s maturity. Following the allegations of striking his mother, I SWORE he would get in more trouble within a year. He hasn’t, and deserves a ton of praise and recognition for it. I WAS WRONG.

There are many who don’t recognize Bryant’s change and the truth is, I can’t really blame them. Those outside of DFW don’t see him bust his rear at practice everyday. They don’t hear him guard his words with reporters every week at Valley Ranch. They don’t scan the local papers and blogs, only to see “Dez Accused” missing from the headlines. Then came Detroit…

Dez Bryant had two sideline outbursts while facing the Lions. Let’s focus on the first one.  If you initially wanted to attack Dez for attacking his quarterback, I get it. Totally legit and understandable. Michael Irvin has always insisted that’s the wide receiver line you never cross.

It LOOKED like Dez violated the Playmaker’s sacred rule.

My initial stance was that Dez was right with the first, wrong with the second. I was more than fine with Bryant cussing out Romo for a lack of touches. I totally understood an attack and berating of offensive coaches and staff.

Dez had every right to snap and demand the rock. Problem is, he didn’t.  The video release of Dez’s first sideline blow-up proved to be vindication.  The footage was passionate, harmless and productive.  He hadn’t transformed into Terrell Owens or Randy Moss.  Dez had told the truth, and so had his team.

THERE IS NO WAY TO ARGUE THIS.  Yet the refusal to admit wrong remained.

The following is my updated list of Dez Bryant’s media hit-list:

1) Brian Billick
2) Rich Gannon
3) Michael Wilbon
4) Mike Ditka
5) John Feinstein
6) Tim Hasselback
7) Ron Jaworski
8) Bob Ryan
9) Cris Carter
10) Jason Whitlock
11) Peter King

(Feel free to add names I’ve missed in the comments section below!)

All of the above went after Dez before his video vindication. Many remained stubborn, blind and critical AFTER we saw the truth. That causes not just a loss in credibility, but respect. To be fair, I haven’t heard the post-video opinion of EVERYONE on that list. But I do know that everyone has not owned their original mistake. Not everyone has taken back their criticism and apologized to Dez Bryant for misjudging his new-found maturity and Romo “explosion.’

I’m sure many of Dez’s critics believe apologizing would be a sign of weakness.

I believe that stance is ignorant.