RICHARDSON (CBSDFW.COM) –Betty Flanery Bailey was always finding things, family members say, and couldn’t resist rescuing the occasional castoff.  So, when she died recently, relatives weren’t surprised to find silver dollars in a kitchen drawer.

But, the discovery of a ladies’ Richardson High School class ring has touched off something of a mystery.  The ring belonged to member of the class of ’67 and Bailey graduated in ’54.

“At first, I thought it must be one of her sisters’ rings,” says daughter-in-law, Edith Ann Evans.  “But, of course the years didn’t match up.  Then we began to realize that it was something that she had found and just stuck away.”  Now, Bailey’s son and daughter-in-law are determined to find the original owner.

“The initials are ‘PJ’ definitely… and very crisp, as though it’s not been worn for years and years and years.  And I’m thinking it looks like it’s gold.”

Family members have contacted the Richardson High Alumni association and even launched a Facebook search.  A quick check of the Richardson High yearbook revealed a “Pamela Johnson” and a “Patsy Johnson” in the class of ’67, but that’s where the trail goes cold.   So far, they haven’t had much luck locating the elusive ‘PJ.’  But, they’re committed to the search.

>>If you think you know who the owner of this ring might be, contact us and we will forward your information to Bailey’s family.<<

“I lost Mom in January,” says Evans, her voice cracking and eyes filling with tears.   “We just lost his Mama and I’m just thinking somebody—even if she’s not alive—somebody might go ‘oh, a little piece of my Mama!’  It just seems important to return it to the original owner.”

And the thought of that reunion quickly turns the tears into a smile.

“Yeah! And that would feel good.”

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