PLANO (CBS 11 NEWS) – Chaos at LAX.

When gunshots rang out, people ran for cover.  Some people hid in restrooms; more than a dozen squeezed into restroom stalls.

In Plano, Mary Beth Wood worried about her husband who was due to arrive at LAX Friday morning before continuing to China for a business trip. “I was afraid, I was like oh my God, is he ok? I’m like freaking out because I’m looking at the itinerary, thinking he is there right now.”

Her husband’s plane arrived at LAX about an hour after the shooting, but didn’t park at terminal 3, where the shooting took place.

Perry Wood told CBS 11 News by phone, that the captain and crew on his American Airlines flight didn’t tell passengers what happened – even after they landed.

“All of a sudden everyone’s phones are popping up, everybody is going, “what?”, “what?” you hear the reaction in the cabin of the plane and then you hear someone say someone got killed. I don’t think there was any fear here, I think they were just frustrated because they were stuck.”

The shooting at LAX delayed and cancelled some flights between that airport and DFW International.

Jim Holden retired from the TSA in 2008 after six years as a federal security director at five airports in West Texas and the Texas panhandle.

He said he was shocked by the news.

“With all these people that are traveling today, it is so hard to put your hand on any one simple fix,” said Holden.

TSA screeners aren’t armed, but some airports have police officers stationed at the checkpoints.

“But in the time it takes for someone to draw a weapon and fire off a round to get the officer’s attention, it can be too late,” according to Holden.

DFW International Airport has its own department of public safety, and Friday night, officers were roaming the airport terminals, including the security checkpoints, as they normally do.

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