By Jeff Ray

We had a great Saturday, highs reached into the upper 60’s after a morning low of 50° at the DFW airport. Sunday will be a fine day as well. It’ll be a little bit cooler to start the morning, lows 40’s in the metro area and upper 30’s ot the north and northeast. If you are heading to the Texas Motor Speedway here is the forecast. Great race weather!

Racing Forecast

We are watching Tropical Depression #18, it might strengthen into Tropical Storm Sonia. It will bring clouds in tomorrow afternoon and produce some rain chances on Monday for us:


A powerful storm system came onshore today in the Pacific Northwest. This system will cross over the mountains and get into the Central Plains starting Monday.

It’ll help pull in the Gulf moisture from the south tap into the energy from the pacific tropical system. Rain chances are good on Tuesday but really pick up Tuesday night and Wednesday morning as the front comes in. We’ll warm into the low 70’s on Tuesday despite the cloud cover and rain:

US FutureCast

This system will likely be moving to quickly to pile up the rain totals like the last event. Still, a good wide-spread rain should help get some water into our low lakes:

US FutureCast1

The front should clear out the skies by late Wednesday. We’ll have some cool weather on Thursday but a nice weekend next week as well:
Extended PM

We’ve had some decent rains so far this fall. We’ve only had two months this year with above-normal rainfall, since 14 out of the last 17 months have been drier than normal. Perhaps the next rain will put us ahead of pace for the Fall season. Already in the first two months of Fall (Sept./Oct.) we’ve had more rain than all of last summer.

3d DFW rainfall update2