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ARLINGTON (105.3 THE FAN) – A weird win is a win I guess when we’re dealing with this team.

The Cowboys win against the Minnesota Vikings, 27-23, was not pretty. It was not easy and it might not have been the typical result a lot of people were expecting with half a minute left on the clock.

Half the Cowboys fans out there were waiting for Tony Romo to throw another patented heart-crushing interception.

The other half were holding their breath hoping the team could pull out a win against a terrible Minnesota team that as my co-host Kevin says “still hasn’t won a game in America this year.”

The other half, I know there are too many halves in this column already, were paying attention simply because the Cowboys are the most compelling drama ever on radio and television when it comes to the fourth quarter.

No matter why they were tuned in, they saw a team struggle to stop the Vikings, who just might be that dog backed into a corner snapping at anything to find a hole. And the offense yet again didn’t make it look easy to score often.

They totaled 36 rushing yards and let Christian Ponder throw for 236.

But a win is a win right?

The problem is a weird win like the way the Cowboys won is just too normal now for me.

And this stat I saw on ESPN keeps sticking out to me. Against subpar teams the Cowboys are 17-1 with Garrett as the full-time head coach, and 4-19 against teams better than .500.

They absolutely destroy bad teams (though sometimes barely beating them) and they sometimes get lucky against good teams?

I have no clue how to explain it other than saying the team is a middle of the road football squad… who happens to win weird games against bad teams.

And right now, that’s completely normal.

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