A moment of silence is observed at Dallas Love Field Airport (Credit: Jack Fink/CBSDFW.com)

A moment of silence is observed at Dallas Love Field Airport (Credit: Jack Fink/CBSDFW.com)

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – The normal hustle and bustle of the security checkpoint at Dallas Love Field suddenly came to a stand-still Friday morning.

Over the loud speaker, an announcer told travelers that the security screening process would come to a stop for 30 seconds, so that they all could observe a moment of silence to honor the memory of Transportation Security Officer Gerardo Hernandez, who was shot and killed while at work at LAX airport last week.

Patti Aird said, “I’m glad we did it, but it’s sad that we had to do it.”

Even a week after the shooting, travelers at Dallas Love Field say they are still stunned.

John Kytasaari said, “I was in shock obviously.  It’s something we take for granted.  We feel safe going into an airport.”

It was a similar scene at LAX, where Taps played after people observed the moment of silence.

Paul Ciancia, 23,  is accused of opening fire inside Terminal 3 last Friday, taking shots at TSA workers moving through a security checkpoint.

Police say he killed Hernandez, a 39 year old father of two.

Two other TSA employees and a bystander were hurt.

Madan Goyal says, “I think this is the least we can recognize. Everyone has a job to do and the TSA people are doing their jobs so they don’t need to be killed for the job they’re dog. They’re trying to protect us.”

On Tuesday, the TSA will hold a memorial for Hernandez at LAX.

DFW International Airport also observed a moment of silence at 11:20 AM local time, the exact moment Hernandez was shot.

No one from TSA would comment Friday, and police who patrol at both Dallas Love Field and DFW International Airport wouldn’t comment on what, if any changes have been made to security, in the week after the shooting.

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