By Jeff Ray

Stubborn clouds kept the temperatures in the 60’s today. Those clouds cleared away as the sun went below horizon. A light south wind will keep lows in the low 50’s. Some sunshine tomorrow teamed with a south wind will put highs in the 70’s: a great Veterans Day!:

NTX Tomorrows Lows Manual NTX Tomorrow Highs

But the big weather story of the week continues to be the cold front that arrives early Tuesday. Look at the 7pm temperatures: Dallas in the 60’s and Bismark in the 20’s:

TX Temp Plot w Contour

That cold air is going to plunge into the central plains and get all the way down into Mexico. It sets us up for the first FREEZE OF THE SEASON on Wednesday morning, it’ll be in the upper 20’s just north of the metroplex and around freezing in the urban center. Yes, a typical Texas weather turn; from the 70’s one afternoon down to the 40’s the next:

RPM 12km Temps US

We’ll be around 60° at midnight and in the lows 40’s all afternoon:

RPM 12km Temps Wide Texas RPM 12km Temps Wide Texas1

This is a powerful front that will bring the first flakes of snow to the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina. As it comes through Tuesday morning we’ll have clouds skies and some drizzle:

RPM12 Surface Low_Rain_Clds

Skies will quickly clear as this very dry air rushes in. But Tuesday is not only a winter coat kind of day, it’s a hat and gloves kind of day. The winds are going to be howling out of the north just as soon as the front sweeps through, gusts will easily be over 30mph and in some places around 40mph:

RPM 12km Wind Gusts Wide Texas

This is going to produce a wind chill in the 20’s at times mid-day. Bundle up!

RPM 12km Wind Chill Wide Texas

As the winds die down and the skies clear temperatures will drop to that hard freeze territory by Wednesday morning. Expect the first Freeze Warning of the season for all of north Texas:. Freezing temperatures get all the way down to the Hill Country. This is a freeze that arrives about a week early:

RPM 12km Lows Wide Texas

Typical of November the cold air will not stick around. We’ll be in the 60’s by Saturday and in the 70’s by Sunday. Low storm/rain chances will be around from late Thursday through the weekend.

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